MoneyLine Income Disclaimer and Disclosure

While MoneyLine does offer a compensation plan to reward Independent Representatives (I.R.s) who help us promote our products and services, we are here to offer cutting edge products and services that can help make your life easier/better/more fulfilling, depending on what you are looking for. You are free to enjoy our products and services as appropriate for you and are not required to promote anything or recruit I.R.s and/or customers.

Any MoneyLine presentations you may view are designed to present what we offer and let you decide what is right for you. Any references to income or earnings, whether actual or potential, implied or stated, are for explanation and illustration purposes only. We want you to know what is possible, but it is up to you to decide the level of commitment you wish to make promoting our products and services in attempting to achieve any commissions, bonuses, earnings or income.

Any potential commissions or income that you may earn depend on actual business generated and will be based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, ideas, techniques, knowledge, skills, determination and time spent promoting MoneyLine products and services as your independent business. MoneyLine is not for anyone looking for a "free lunch" or to "get rich quick." We are also not an investment opportunity.

MoneyLine does not warrant, guarantee or assure that any level of income or earnings can or will be attained by any MoneyLine Affiliate. MoneyLine is not responsible for any financial decisions you make in relation to promoting MoneyLine and only you can determine what is appropriate for you. Many Affiliates will choose not to take advantage of the tools and training we provide and may earn little or no income. Others will take full advantage and will have the opportunity to earn as much as their efforts will allow them.

Any and all income or earning examples used by MoneyLine are not to be considered average or typical earnings, but should only serve to demonstrate possibilities within the compensation plan. MoneyLine and its owners, directors, officers, employees, consultants and agents are not responsible for whatever level of success you may or may not achieve. That is up to you.

Again, all references to income, whether actual or potential, implied or stated, are for explanation and illustration purposes only. All MoneyLine I.R.s are responsible for meeting all qualifications and customer requirements of their applicable rank or level. Your actual earnings or income from the compensation plan will vary based on your level of sales generated and will be a result of various factors such as your expertise, ability and time spent promoting your business.

MoneyLine is an emerging company we are just getting started. We currently have no available statistics on minimum or maximum income earned or average income earned by our representatives as nothing has been established yet. In this industry in general, a lot of people will make little or no money and a few will earn a lot. That is a factor of persistence, determination, commitment and consistency. The ones that earn anything just make more of a commitment to attempt to do so.